Limited to one group per day

Check in from 15:30 onwards / Check out by 11:00

Room Rates

Rates per person, per night including dinner and breakfast.

Adult Rates

Number of GuestsWeekdaysSundays and days before a public holidayPeak Season
2 Persons ※255,200 yen / per person60,480 yen / per person65,760 yen / per person
3 Persons ※252,560 yen / per person57,840 yen / per person63,120 yen / per person
4 Persons ※249,920 yen / per person55,200 yen / per person60,480 yen / per person

Child Rates

Under 1 y/oBetween 1 – 11 y/o12 y/o and over
FreeHalf PriceAdult Price

※1 “Peak Season” refers to Golden Week (a week from the 29th of April to early May containing a number of Japanese public holidays), Mitarai Yagura Festival in late July, Obon (mid-August), end of the year and New Year’s holiday (December 29th – January 3rd).

※2 All rates are per person with two or more people per booking.
For example, a weekday booking for two people will be 110,400 yen.

※3 Children under one can stay for free, however, please understand that we will not be providing extra meals, bedding, bath towels, or other amenities.

Meals are served at SEAFRONT DINING Shintoyo on the first floor of the accommodation.

All accommodation fees are paid in advance. Reservations are only confirmed upon full payment of the accommodation fee (including optional extras). Payment is due within 10 days from the day following the date of the booking application. Payment is due within 7 days if you plan to stay within a month from the date of the application and payment is due the next day if you plan to stay within 10 days from the date of your application. Please note that your temporary reservation will be cancelled if payment is not received in full within the specified time.

Although we accept reservations for one, the accommodation is designed for two or more people. Therefore, please note that the rate for single occupancy is the same as that for two.

All prices shown include tax.

Extension Fee

Per hour
6,600 yen / per person

Please note, it may not be possible to extend your stay if there is a booking on the following day.

All prices shown include tax.

Optional Extras

Additional à la carte menu
Seasonal fish and shellfish including stonefish, oval squid, conger eel and turban shell.Current Market Price

Please note, there will be times when we will not be able to provide certain seasonal seafood due to weather conditions, seasonal changes, and fish stocks.

All prices shown include tax.

Cancellation Policy

Because Shintoyo is limited to one group per day, we have set the following cancellation fees.
We ask for your understanding in this matter.

Price per person
30 days prior to arrival50% of the room charge
2 weeks prior to arrival60% of the room charge
2 weeks prior to arrival70% of the room charge
1 day prior to arrival80% of the room charge
Cancellation on the day100% of the room charge
Cancellation without notice100% of the room charge

Please be aware that the cancellation charges above will come into effect 30 days prior to your scheduled stay.

Cancellation without notice includes when guests are over one hour late to the pre-arranged check-in time without notifying us in advance.

When the cancellation policy is not applicable

Cancellations due to weather conditions such as rain will incur a cancellation fee, however the following adverse weather conditions are exempt from our cancellation policy and do not require a cancellation fee.

  1. If Shintoyo is closed due to a natural disaster such as a typhoon, heavy rains, or an earthquake. When all routes to the accommodation are closed to traffic.
  2. If the Japan Meteorological Agency announces that the region (Kure City, Hiroshima Prefecture) lies in the path of an oncoming typhoon that corresponds with the date of your stay.
  3. If the Japan Meteorological Agency issues a weather warning for the region (Kure City, Hiroshima Prefecture) on the date of your stay. Also if a weather warning is issued the day prior to your stay and we determine that the situation will not improve.
To all guests

We will take the following measures in the unlikely event of a staff member's sudden illness or accident that makes the operation of Shintoyo impossible:

  1. We will give you a full refund and a 30% discount on your next stay. (Reservations can be made 30 days in advance. Within one year from the date of original stay.)
  2. Unfortunately, if the original reservation does not align with our cancellation policy, the reservation will be cancelled and no discounts will be applicable.